Cool Mentions

Who’s got the stopwatch? Okay, start it…now.

The unveiling of the Butterfly Swords cover snared some cool mentions on the interwebs. First from Dear Author who posted the cover along with some well wishes for romances set in the Far East.

Next and quite exciting, Jade Lee posted it on her blog and also gave it a mention on the Harlequin Blaze authors blog today in her post about Breaking the Rules. Her lovely quote appears on the back cover. 🙂

I also found a mention on a Thai romance blog, Mostly Romance. I used Google to translate the page (gotta love Google), but can’t seem to figure out if they’re excited or skeptical about the premise. Any fluent Thai speakers out there? Anyone?

And finally — quite excited about this — the back of my head appears on this month’s RWR magazine! The picture shows me receiving the Golden Heart award from Sabrina Jeffries. I know I’m being silly, but I’ve never appeared on the front cover of any magazine. I’m waiting anxiously for mine which hasn’t arrive yet so I can show Little Sis and she can laugh.

Stop the watch. Are my 15 minutes over yet?