Some of my favorite guest spots…

…are yet to come.

The blog tour is nearing the end, but as they say on stage, you need a big finish right?

Today, I’m discussing my experiences as The New Kid on the Playground at The Pink Heart Society. For fun, you get to check out my alternative titles for Butterfly Swords. Come back to the PHS on October 26 as they discuss Butterfly Swords as their October book club pick.

I’m also discussing *ahem* Sex in Ancient China, an educational post that should be up Wednesday morning at Dirty Sexy Books.

And the final guest blog this week is something I seriously debated doing. It’s about promotion. I’m hoping it sparks discussion, because there’s a lot I’m still wondering about author promotion and the conventional wisdom seems to be that “you never know what will work”. I can’t seem to take that for an answer. I want to know what can be known!

So at Bria Quinlan‘s blog on Thursday, I’ll be going “Inside a Grass Roots Marketing Campaign” and discussing what I learned from the promotion of Butterfly Swords. It’s one of the rare times you’ll see my business mind emerge.