Rejection? I have not yet begun to get rejected…

Without going into the gory details, I did just receive a rejection on full submission. And yes, it is a downer.

But all that mumbo jumbo about realizing it’s part of the process really is true. It’s not as disappointing as it used to be when I put it in perspective.

Here’s some thoughts that helped me this time:
1. The century mark goal. In an interview, Sherilyn Kenyon recounted that she was rejected over 100 times one year. I’ve decided I don’t get to be discouraged until I reach 100 rejections on this manuscript.

2. I know of wonderful writers with agents who have their manuscripts out there with six different editors and it’s a long process for them. My single submissions here and there are like stabs in the dark. It would be like winning the lottery to submit something once and get it sold…but I still buy a ticket just in case. 🙂

3. My tough love ideal reader returned comments on my new wip along the lines of: “The writing and sexual tension in this one are better.” All I can do is improve.

Next week, I embark on a new query blitz. I’m not going to depress anyone with the stats on the century mark. Let’s just say for now that I have not yet begun to get rejected.