Free novella & one more day…

One more day until the release of THE LOTUS PALACE…cue butterflies in stomach…

But in the meantime, there’s more exciting news. To promote the release of THE LOTUS PALACE, Harlequin has made my novella, “Capturing the Silken Thief”, free on Amazon on B&N for two weeks! (From 8/25 to 9/7)
Capturing the Silken Thief-freshfictionThe pleasure quarter of the Pingkang li (also known as the North Hamlet) was first introduced in this story of crafty song girl, Jia, and the scholar Luo Cheng who becomes entangled in her schemes–as well as her heart.

You can download it from Amazon:
Or Barnes & Noble:

Hopefully this will be an engaging introduction to the world of the imperial capital and pique interest for THE LOTUS PALACE. Enjoy and spread the word!