A teeny, tiny rant

I don’t do these often. If you blink you might miss it.

I went to the bookstore last night with my critique group. Checked out the new releases section. All the male authors’ books were bigger (i.e. taller) than the books by female authors. I kid you not.

Maybe it was because most of the female authors were women’s fiction/romance? I’m not counting the larger trade paperbacks, just the mass market paperbacks.

Really, go check it out at your local bookstore and tell me if I’m off my rocker. Paperback new releases. That’s my rant.


  1. Dara
    Feb 11, 2010 @ 11:12:13

    I never noticed before but now I’ll have to check.

    Also…did you just update the top of your blog? Is it true that your books are coming out this fall??? Or am I just completely addle-brained and failed to notice that before?

  2. Jeannie Lin
    Feb 12, 2010 @ 08:59:37

    Dara – I did just update! Right now the release dates are not set in stone yet, but the publisher is aiming for Fall. I was too excited not to at least give a little update. I’m also super excited that they want to release the short story a month before the novel. Hopefully I’ll be able to crow about a date soon.