Triple bypass surgery on the WIP

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Made huge gains on fixing structural issues with The Dragon and the Pearl and so I’m allowing myself to peek into the blogosphere. 🙂 *waves hello*

I can take most critique without batting an eye. Fix dialogue, layer in more sexual tension, need more emotion, need more conflict — it’s all the cost of entry. Even deleting complete scenes doesn’t phaze me. But what scares me to death and keeps me up at night are structural issues. The “this is not working” comments which mean you need to spend some time soul searching and then go medieval on your manuscript.

I spent the last week cutting major arteries and then trying to graft them back together. When it’s all done, all you can do is shock the heart and hope it beats again.

I think I hear a weak pulse. Need to nurse this baby back to health now. Be back soon for more random musings.