Upcoming movie: "Warrior's Way"

I just caught wind of a movie that’s supposed to coming out August 2009 called “Warrior’s Way” starring Kate Bosworth, Geoffrey Rush and Dong-Kun Jang. It’s an “East meets West” flick with martial arts sword fighting in the Wild West.

I had to hunt down the trailer on YouTube:

Warrior’s Way Trailer

Okay, it looks a little choppy here. The effects were rough and the romance…hmmm…probably not.

I always become hopeful when a big action movie like this hits American theater. Kate Bosworth and Geoffrey Rush are big names. And it’s by the same producer as Lord of the Rings. Maybe it’ll take off and people will think there’s a market for my stories. I was very hopeful when “Forbidden Kingdom” came out with Jet Li and Jackie Chan. *sigh*

I won’t rave until I know more about it, but man do I wish I had been querying Butterfly Swords the year that “Crouching Tiger” hit the screens. 🙂