Off Twitter

Control room dude: “Luke, you’ve switched off your targeting computer. What’s wrong?”

Luke: “Nothing. I’m all right.”

Nothing bad happened to me. Nothing is wrong. I just decided it was time to get off Twitter.


But wait, if you’re really off Twitter, why keep an active account? Since I’ve used the @JeannieLin twitter handle, sometimes quite frequently, there’s some expectation that tweets coming from it are from me. I didn’t want to risk someone taking it over and being mistaken for me.

I’ll miss the little side conversations and all the mini-networking opportunities I’ve enjoyed via Twitter. I also know this makes it harder for me to get the word out when there’s Jeannie Lin news. If you’d like to get updates from me, please consider signing up for notification e-mails: Get Updates from Jeannie.

What if I want to keep in touch? I may perhaps blog more, but no promises. And I’m still wandering about on Facebook. Or hey, send me an e-mail via my contact form or come say hi if you happen to see me at a signing or a conference. I’m way better in person than I am online. I think….I hope.