A little help from my friends…

I’ve been a little bit skittish since my agent told me she occasionally reads my blog. I’m afraid she’s going to wonder why I’m not spending more time writing. *looks left* *looks right*

I’ve been multi-tasking and trying to plan promotion activities and materials as well as get ready for my first workshop at the New England conference in two weeks. I’m waiting for the “back to school” nightmares to start because I’m already getting the lesson planning jitters.

But I do want to take a moment to say, it’s nice to have friends who have done this before. Reason #104 why I’m glad I joined RWA.

Kimberly Killion’s website has been heaven sent. I have to give her a shout out. I’d really suggest any aspiring authors or soon to be pubbed authors go there. She’s gathered so much good information. Plus she writes some pretty sexy Scottish medievals if you’re in the mood!

Kimberly Killion’s website

Also my Little Sis comes through again. I’m trying to format excerpt booklets for printing to use as handouts at NECRWA. With her background in print production, she’s been able to de-mystify all these formatting issues for me and help me lay everything out. I really owe her a scone or two, with clotted cream and everything. (Though I did make about 50 delicious crab cakes for her 30th birthday party. I’m sure it all balances out.)

And then of course there’s my CP and writing buddy Amanda Berry. I was gushing about all the promotional materials I’ve been creating and her response was a dry, “And you’ve been avoiding writing.”

But, but…It’s just been slow going, that’s all. 🙁

I did make a banner for her upcoming June debut. Time suck #310. I loved that they got the Hollywood sign and the building in back that looks so L.A.


Alright Amanda, I’ll get back to work now.