Bitten By the Reading Bug

In addition to rediscovering the library during my short bout of unemployment, I also signed onto the All About Romance forum to search for a pirate/highwayman book from my youth that I wanted to read again. Between the two, it seems the reading bug has bitten me. I’m catching up on a favorite series from fantasy reading days, discovering classic Mary Jo Putney (who gave Butterfly Swords an awesome quote! *little hearts and stars*), and getting back into big epic books that hurt if you accidentally drop them on your toe.

So here’s my current bookfix list:

Guy Gavriel Kay‘s Under Heaven: MWAHAHAHAHAHA….I’ve been waiting for this one for months. I bet I can get it in before I start revisions. Maybe it will put me in a sweeping epic sort of mood.

Under Heaven US

Guy Gavriel Kay‘s Ysobel: I’m so behind. Am I the last fantasy reader on Earth to read this book?


Mary Jo Putney‘s Bartered Bride: I just finished China Bride and can’t wait to see what happens with Gavin in this one.

bartered bride

Jennifer Roberson‘s Sword-Born & Sword Sworn: The readers at AAR brought this up in a thread and I was tickled pink. I read book 1-4 before I became a romance reader and even recalled swapping Sword Dancer with my BFF for Gift of Gold by Jayne Ann Krentz when we decided we’d see what the other liked to read.  I stopped reading the series after book 4 probably due to heading off to college or discovering boys or something like that….

The Sword Dancer series and Tiger and Del are a HUGE influence on my stories. I’m getting warm fuzzies at the thought of revisiting them and finishing the series.



Hmmm…It must have been a fantasy bug that bit me. What’s on your list?