Romance Trading Cards – Who’s IN?

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A chat on Twitter (#romancetradingcards) quickly converged into a fun promotion idea for RT 2011 and RWA 2011. It’s simple — authors print romance trading cards with their heros and heroines and readers can collect them all.

As the questions about design and standardization are beginning to gather so I figured it was time to gather everyone together.

So far, we have this quote from GotPrint if we want to standardize on size. I’ve used them before and found them quite reasonable and user-friendly, but always open for any other vendors with better pricing if you know them:

Standard size & printing: Trading Cards from GotPrint

Other ideas:

  • Cover on one side
  • Character stats on other – Height, age, description
  • Best lines
  • Similar border or logo on backside to unify cards – i.e. knotwork design


So here’s a starter for discussion. These are rough prototypes only. Do not use these files to create your cards. I can provide the layered, high resolution files for use with Photoshop, Fireworks, or another imaging program once the design is finalized.

I tried to choose a neutral border that still felt romance-y. Keeping in mind that this needs to look good with historical, paranormal, contemporary, etc. I went with a border that looked like a pewter frame. The border and the lettering for “Romance Trading Cards” below will hopefully unify the design. The back will be the book cover.

This was a quick job so cropping and other details may be asymmetical. I’ll fix in final version. Actual print size is 2.5 x 3.5.

What do you think?  (I’ve finalized the design with a genre specific color scheme as suggested. Download RTC Templates)

Note: You don’t need special art for the backside. It can include part of your cover (if that’s allowed) or just stats and info like on baseball cards.

An alternative example from author Moira Rogers, independently created here.

Who’s Participating in Romance Trading Cards:

The author listing has been moved to:

And the ideas are flying as well. For example, we may have a listing at RT so readers will know who to seek out for cards. Keep those ideas coming! Who else is in? (Comment below and I’ll gather names and post above)

Remember hashtag #romancetradingcards if you’re following the discussion on Twitter.