The Rebellion Engines Release Day

It’s finally here!

A Steampunk Adventure set in Imperial China

The Rebellion Engines, the latest in the Gunpowder Chronicles, releases today. And I have to say, I LOVE looking at the complete collection:

In order to bring the series together, The Rebellion Engines digs into industrialization, technology and warfare, piracy and the Age of Sail, and the emergence of Shanghai as a modern metropolis. With some martial arts, secret society stuff thrown in.

Reading Order for the Gunpowder Chronicles

For anyone curious, the reading order I’d suggest is this:

  1. Gunpowder Alchemy
  2. Clockwork Samurai
  3. Tales from the Gunpowder Chronicles*
  4. The Rebellion Engines

Short story: “The Warlord and the Nightingale” can be read as standalone at any time

*Tales is a collection of novellas starring many of the secondary characters you meet in the main storyline.

Behind the Scenes Info: The Making of the Rebellion Engines

I really enjoyed writing the Tales from the Gunpowder Chronicles because that collection allowed me to go off and explore other characters and parts of the Gunpowder Chronicles world that I hadn’t done yet in the main storyline. For the final book in the trilogy, I wanted to bring back some of that energy and also those characters into the main plot.

Something really fun that I haven’t done before is split The Rebellion Engines into three parts. It’s all one complete storyline, but the three parts each have distinct settings and flavors. I was inspired by the Wings of Fire series by Tui Sutherland, which I’m reading with my children. Each of the books focuses on one dragon character and usually involves a journey to different parts of the dragon world of Pyrrhia.

I noticed that whenever I hit the end of a Part, I felt accomplished. There was a shift in my brain as I prepared for the next part of the dragon journey. It appealed to my inner list-maker.

So I said — why not? As a result, The Rebellion Engines is divided into three parts:

  • Part I: The Factories
  • Part II: The High Seas
  • Part III: Shanghai

And for a final bit of trivia — the girl with the sword on the cover? Hot Damn Designs was just kicking off their new stock photo business and wanted to include stock photos with Asian models. At the time, it was IMPOSSIBLE to find Asian models. I’m so glad that’s gradually improving.

The photo shoots were in St. Louis and I provided some costumes (though not this dress) and some props. That sword? It’s actually from my collection! So I feel happy to finally be able to use an image from that photo shoot in one of my covers.

A final note: For readers who prefer print, the print edition should be available in a week.

Happy Reading!

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The Rebellion Engines cover image

Rumors of my untimely demise…

Are only partially exaggerated.

Given my zealous launch celebration last year about this time for BUTTERFLY SWORDS, I may seem relatively quiet for my upcoming release of the short story THE LADY’S SCANDALOUS NIGHT on September 1st followed by the release of THE DRAGON AND THE PEARL on September 20th.

I’m definitely still planning a little celebration with prizes and of course some signings and appearances, but nothing to rival the bacchanalia (new favorite word) of the BUTTERFLY SWORDS launch. The main reason why is—yes this is unscrupulous of me–I’m playing the CARD.

The “I’m going to be a mommy card”. Here’s my proof:

*blink* *blink* Yes, those are TWO little zygotes in there. No, neither hubby nor I have twins in either of our families. Yes, we were shocked, but quite excited. They’re cute, no? Actually this was the first ultrasound so they were just little blobs. They now look like little peanuts with tiny stick arms and legs. I told hubby they look just like him. 🙂

No worries. This is not going to turn into a baby blog, but there were a few people who suspected after my less than chipper appearance at RWA and so yes, the rumors are true. And if you happen to want to have mercy on me and help me spread the word about THE DRAGON AND THE PEARL since I’m going to be lying low and incubating…I did confess to being unscrupulous right?

I’m still waiting on pins and needles for the cover of THE LADY’S SCANDALOUS NIGHT (pre-order: Amazon(Kindle) | Barnes & Noble (Nook) ) The story is a parallel tale to THE DRAGON AND THE PEARL. They both can be read independently though chronologically they happen at the same time. I’m hoping “Scandalous Night” will seduce readers into the sexy battle of wills in “Dragon and Pearl.” MWHAHAHA!!

To be announced:

  • The cover for THE LADY’S SCANDALOUS NIGHT (fingers crossed that my cover karma holds out)
  • THE DRAGON AND THE PEARL galley will be made available on NetGalley for reviewers
  • My first southern California booksignings: San Diego and hopefully Los Angeles
  • Some nice launch prizes for those of you who would like to join in like last time
  • A little Dragon and Pearl blog tour

Stay tuned. Same bat time. Same bat channel…