There is no such thing as talent

What if you took that elusive thing called “talent” off the table? What if you didn’t believe there wasn’t anything that any Stephen King or Nora Roberts had that you couldn’t have if you just wrote and wrote and wrote?

I’m not debating whether this is true or not. I’m just saying, if you believed there was no such thing as “gift” and that agent, that contract, that call was within anyone’s grasp, would you be able to stick it out until you got it?

Gwen Hayes, another one of my writing buddies just got the Call and I’m nearly in tears about it because it’s right at the end of the year and this has been such a fabulous year for so many people I’ve been working with. I can be egotistical and say it’s because we have so much talent bouncing off of each other.

But I think when I look at the people I know who’ve gotten agented or contracted or both this year, I think it’s more uplifting to think there is no such thing as talent. We just all started trying for that gold star about the same time and never stopped.