Dec 4: Christmas in the Tang Dynasty

*The winners have been selected! Check the Harlequin Historical blog for the Grand Prize winner to be announced Dec. 23, 2010. Daily winners are posted here.

Did they celebrate Christmas in the Tang Dynasty? Join the hunt!

Or you could try Googling it, but what fun would that be? And you’d get no shiny prizes.

Today I’m hosting a holiday giveaway for a special Asian-themed gift box as part of the Harlequin Historical Advent Calendar celebration. I love scavenger hunts so I decided to have a virtual one. Find this heart shaped ornament hidden on another page on my website and click on it to be entered in my giveaway as well as the drawing for the Kindle.

Oh, what’s in the box? Well, you’ll just have to find the heart ornament to find out, won’t you?

HINT: The ornament is hidden on the website and not the blog…but feel free to browse the blog if you’re interested.

The giveaway will be open today until December 22nd. On the 23rd, I’ll draw for my winner AND the Grand Prize winner will also be drawn on the Harlequin Historical Facebook page.

Eligibility: My giveaway is open to all international participants. The Grand Prize is open to readers in the U.S., United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Click here for Grand Prize eligibility rules.

Good luck and happy hunting! (And remember to visit Elizabeth Rolls on Sunday, December 5th)

P.S. I’ll be sending out hints today on Twitter and Facebook if you’d like to follow along.