And the winners are…

It’s been a fun-filled week (for me at least). Coming off of my Comic-con adventures and a Round 2 win off the skin of my teeth, I was defeated in Round 3 by Ruthie Knox, a most worthy opponent.

Throughout it all, there was a giveaway for books from my fellow Comic-con panelists.

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Here are the winners! I will contact the winners shortly to get mailing info for their books. As always, thank you for stopping by and chatting.
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Winner: Shanghai Steam

I’m really excited about the Shanghai Steam anthology, a collection on steampunk and wuxia mash-ups. You can tell from the cover that these will be unique and fantastic stories.

I was so excited that I bought two copies and am looking forward to reading it once the holiday crush is over. I offered a giveaway copy through my newsletter and asked what Chinese invention would make a great steampunk gadget. The answers I received were fabulous:

  • Rocket powered trains or chairs, a la Wan Hu
  • Robot dragons (There is a curious 3rd century BC account of Chinese automata. Neat, huh?)
  • Compasses
  • Chopsticks
  • Gunpowder technology
  • Iron ships
  • Weaponized lanterns
  • Mechanized wheelbarrows

I’m very curious now to see what sort of steampunk gadgetry will appear in these stories. But now for the winner of the giveaway:

Jennifer B

Thank you everyone for entering. I will contact Jennifer by e-mail to send her a copy of Shanghai Steamed. Hopefully everyone else who found these ideas intriguing will go out and buy the anthology. We can read it together. 🙂