She dreams in color

I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately. Nothing interesting — I dreamt about working out at the gym and there was one about me going into an office. I even had the dreaded going back to school dream, teacher version. (Most definitely tied to my upcoming workshop at the NECRWA conference)

But I’m actually very happy to be dreaming once again about PEOPLE and PLACES. Shortly before leaving the dreaded day job, I was having awful nightmares that consisted entirely of computer screens. I dreamt of e-mail and of me typing out messages. Twisted.

This actually did worry me a bit. What was happening to my mind that my subconscious could only dream about screens and applications? My world had narrowed down to this rectangle in front of me. Of course, I extrapolated this into thinking about what sorts of visions and fantasies will people imagine when their input is coming primarily from the window of their computer?

I usually try to shake these thoughts away. Children today are learning how to process information differently from when we were learning. I just have to have faith that the brain will adapt, the same way it’s had to adapt in each generation. Kids these days with their loud rock ‘n roll music…

For me, I’m very happy to be dreaming in color again. It lets me know I’m getting better.