Meeting my new critique group tonight!

About a year ago, I said goodbye to my original critique group – the beautiful people who encouraged me through my first and second novel, who sat through the painful reading of my first love scene, who still cheer me up when I feel like with every step forward, I’m taking three steps back.

Today is my first meeting with a new small critique group. I’m quite excited! We’ve already posted sample pages to read ahead of time. I love reading pages that are quite different from what I write. I find it so refreshing.

Now I have to go and find something green to wear before we head out.

Karma in all things

I was watching my newly anointed favorite show – “My Name is Earl”. I love how positive it is, along with being hilariously funny. And of course, karma’s big with me. Not religious karma, but more general, “it doesn’t hurt to flood the world with positive energy” karma.

I had a great mentor when I first started writing romance. She taught me so much and really made me believe that I could do this — not with flattery or compliments, but through laying out the process and business of writing for me very clearly. She also led the first critique group I was a part of. We wrote through our first novels together, each writing in a different genre. *sniff* I get emotional just thinking about how much we went through together.

As a part of having such a great experience, I really believe in giving back to the romance writing community. So I was really excited to sign up for the Romance Diva mentorship program this year as a mentor.

The funny thing is that the apprentices are quite nervous about who they’ll get, but I think mentors are even more nervous. What if no one wants me? I’m just an unpublished nobody who’s getting rejected left and right. But of course, I do recognize I’ve learned a lot in the three years I’ve been doing this. I know I have something to offer, which is why I signed up.

My apprentice’s main goal is to “finish the darn book”. That’s a huge goal, the ultimate goal. I remember how good I felt when I finished my first book. It’s the first step toward really putting your money on the line. The rest is just details.

I really, really hope I do a good job. We have our first writing chat session in an hour. Gotta go and crack the whip — with love, of course.