Reality TV and Random Skills

*May 23 - 00:05*Hubby and I watched every episode of the Celebrity Apprentice this season. It became our Sunday ritual and we’d discuss who should be fired and who were the strongest players. Both of us agreed that Holly and Brett were the top candidates and agreed that Brett Michaels in the course of the show really came out as a creative, hard-working, and decent fellow.

Hubby is probably mortified that I’m outing him here. He only watches reality shows when I ask for television time as is my due. He prefers the news and documentaries. And sports games. So he civilly yields an hour here and there for Top Chef, The Amazing Race, and The Apprentice. 

Hubby even commented that his opinion of Brett increased after the show and that Holly really deserved it as the strongest, most professional player, but Brett’s final Snapple commercial was a great job. Other than jibber-jabbering about TV shows, my real point is that the writing for these shows is able to tap into something basic and appealing. The Apprentice was able to create storylines around these characters that succeeded in hooking my gruff and reluctant hubby into fandom.

For a bit of fun, I’ve been inspired by my guilty reality TV habit and my own random video editing skills to put together a little video on my quest to become “America’s Next Top Historical Model” in time for Nationals.

Production starts today. Stay tuned!