I like plane trips

bolt-hamster-captionAm I weird? I actually like plane trips.

I hate the waiting and the shuffling in and out and the turbulence makes me batty. Everyone’s in such a tense bad mood and it rubs off on me. So in those respects, I’m sure I’m like everyone else. But I like the block of time that’sĀ  carved out for my personal use. I can’t get online and there’s a temporary bubble where I can ignore the outside world and read or write or play Spider Solitaire for an hour straight if I want to.

Flying internationally gave me an opportunity to actually see a bunch of movies I’ve wanted to see, but haven’t had a chance to. This in itself was a huge treat for me. (I do need to get out more often)

My movie playlist from my honeymoon flights between Chicago and London:

Slumdog Millionaire – I love watching foreign and independent films sometimes because you don’t get the same Hollywood formula. You don’t know where the movie is going to take you and it breaks your narrow bands of expectation. I know everyone else was raving about this movie and I can see why. It’s raw and painful and yet somehow, so innocently hopeful.

Revolutionary Road – This movie tore my heart out because it gnaws at that sense of disquiet inside that you can’t put your finger on. When Leo says, “I can make you happy here” — oh, the desperation of it. Not a movie to watch on your honeymoon, but it was amazing.

The Reader – I told my husband I would try to watch happier movies on the way home, but I couldn’t pass this up. This story was so quiet and subtle and awful (I don’t mean that in a bad way). I have to read literary fiction more often.

Memento – I loved this movie when I saw it the first two times. Again, I so appreciate unexpected storytelling. After my husband caught me tearing up yet again, he reminded me that I had said I’d watch happier movies.

Bolt – This movie was — AWESOME! I’m not a cat and dog movie person, but this was so delightful. I loved all the characters and have developed a special yen for Rhino and his inspirational speech. šŸ™‚

And between movies, I was reading “The Years of Rice and Salt“. 700 pages of brain food looking at a world where the Black Death ends up killing off most of Europe and Buddhism and Islam develop as the dominant religions and world powers. Still not done, but now I’m back in the real world and my bubble of time has gone away. šŸ™

Wireless on airplanes?

I got back from a business trip taken as my alter ego. It was a short hop, but it had me spending the good part of two days in airports. I did manage to get a little editing in, but not as much as I hoped.

One of my co-workers mentioned that they’re going to start offering wireless internet on airplanes and how cool that would be. Her kids would complain about flying because they have to go so long without Internet. (Scary, huh?)

That would be awful! Now my boss could expect me to work the entire time I’m travelling. It’s already heinous that I spent most of my day staring at my laptop even though I was sitting at the airport terminal.

I know, I know. I wouldn’t have to plug in. I could still read or write or stare at the clouds like I do now. But I’m addicted to the soma. Like Robert Downey Jr. says, I have a gun in my mouth but I like the taste of the gun metal.

I really do enjoy the time between boarding and take off. No cell phones, everything electronic turned off. It’s just me and my book.