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I’ve looked up poisons to medieval weaponry to Chinese emperors. Where would I be without Wiki?

Today I looked up one of my idols, Jin Yong. And Wiki had him. Who’s Jin Yong, you say? Ha! Most non-Asians don’t know him at all even though he’s more widely read than Tolkien. (umm…don’t quote me on that. I may be employing hyperbole for effect) But Wiki had a great article on him.

So when I followed a link on top of the page to a message asking for donations to keep Wiki free, I gladly donated. Just like I donate to Kevin McCleod for his awesome free musical compositions that we writers love to put in our book trailers and I donate to Romance Divas, my internet home away from home.

I recognize the value of these services and the effort it takes to maintain them. And I appreciate the desire to keep them free and accessible. If it weren’t for wiki, I’d have to buy a mountain of research books (more so than I do already) or spend half my life in a library. So if you can, support Wiki and the other services you use. And if you can’t, just take a moment to recognize their contributions.

Thank you, Wiki. *mwah*

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