Open letter to the RTC community

Oh my gosh! Can we call ourselves that? A community — my heart flutters.

The RTC website received an important question and I know similar ones will follow. I am also receiving a lot of suggestions and questions which I do respond to as I want people to feel empowered to move forward. But please don’t consider me the authority. So I wanted to share my response with this question to the world at large.

Question: Just curious why you didn’t include an inspirational category? Thanks.

My response:

(Following Amanda’s response that she’ll add an inspirational category to the website checkboxes)

Definitely feel free to create an inspy category! We are not a “governing” body by any means and you can see how it can keep on growing and growing with all sorts of genres. This began as a decentralized grassroots/guerrilla promotion effort that will always depend on the authors in it.  I anticipate people will start spawning off YA, steampunk, and all sort of sub-groups, which is fantastic!

We are moving fast and agilently (the first #romancetradingcards posts were done Monday night, if you can believe it!). So please don’t take inclusion or non-inclusion as any sort of statement about any genre.

Design-wise: I have the layered files if you’d like to design your own border in the frame theme. Many people are just going out on their own with design.

This effort is open and evolving. It will continue to evolve. If the initial efforts are missing something, the beauty is it takes one person’s–any person’s–ingenuity to create it.


The point being — If your question is “Can I….?” The answer is always yes, yes and Yes. 🙂

This is an open effort. Let’s see where it goes.

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  1. Amanda Berry
    Mar 05, 2011 @ 21:17:00

    We are going for organic growth here. No plotting required 🙂