Asian men as romantic leads

I was contacted recently by Asian American blogger, MaSir Jones, to chat about the portrayal of Asian men as romantic leads in my stories. I was a little nervous at first because I know that occasionally I get criticized for writing Asians into romance novels, just by the fact that they’re romance novels. But we actually had a great chat about Amy Tan, Asian stereotypes, BLS* among other things.

*From MaSir: Bruce Lee Syndrome (BLS) – Asian male protagonist kicks the shit out of a thousand men, but never gets the girl or is deemed as an asexual creature.

For instance, I realized that the stereotype of the Asian scholar comes up often in my books, but it manifests itself way differently than the geeky kid with Coke bottle glasses.

Hope you find the interview interesting:

Weekly Link Round Up

I’m forgoing the usual blog tour and promotion circus for the My Fair Concubine book release in exchange for writing time. And twin hugging time. And sleeping time.

As a result, I’m very, very thankful for any blogger or reviewer who has taken time to mention the book. So as not to embarrass them by blowing little kisses at them, I thought I’d just do a nice link round-up at the end of the week. So if you’d like to know more about what people are saying about My Fair Concubine, here are some links:

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*mwah* Thanks for the mentions!