The Sword Dancer: Tell a Friend Contest

The Sword Dancer is coming and I’m really excited about the book, so I’d love to get the word out to more readers. I’m also hitting a few conferences for the first time in years, so you know what that means….

Conference SWAG!!

sword_dancer_swagBut my subscribers and followers shouldn’t be deprived of swag just because you’re not going to a conference, right? So this contest is simple. Just mention THE SWORD DANCER is coming out June 1, 2013. Feel free to include lovely phrases like “So excited!” and “This book looks SO good” or even “I’m doing this because Jeannie Lin has the best SWAG ever!”

You can do this on your blog, FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest…you get the picture. Make sure you include a link to THE SWORD DANCER book page on my site:

Then come back here and fill out the form to let me know where you spread the word. Everyone who does so will receive:


  • A lovely tasseled bookmark with my two releases
  • A “buyao” dangly Asian hairpin which can double as a defensive weapon

I appreciate all my international fans and readers. This contest is open to international entrants ONLY if you are a subscriber to my newsletter. I will use the e-mail address to verify that. Please keep in mind that international mailings will take longer to arrive.

*To those who entered last month, THANK YOU! I appreciate all the shout outs, tweets and shares. The winners have been notified for the book giveaway and the SWAG packs are in the mail heading toward you!
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