The Hidden Moon


Publisher: Jeannie Lin
Release date: August 24, 2020
Length: 314 pages
Book 3 – The Lotus Palace Mysteries
A cross-class romance and murder mystery that reaches from the gutters of the Tang Dynasty capital to the imperial palace.Impetuous and well-educated, Lady Bai Wei-wei is filled with knowledge, but with no where to use it. She’s always been the forgotten daughter between two favored sons. When her older brother is tasked with investigating a high-profile assassination, he turns to his bookish and clever younger sister for assistance.Gao is a scoundrel and hired enforcer with a shady reputation who serves as Wei-wei’s link to the streets.  He’s so far beneath Lady Bai that it would be laughable to have any designs on her. If only she didn’t keep on seeking him out for help. If only he didn’t keep on letting her.When a chancellor’s death is linked with an unidentified victim found in the pleasure quarter, Wei-wei and Gao become an unlikely team as they chase down a crime that involves the magistrate, generals, perhaps even the Emperor himself. While Wei-wei is doing it to seek justice, Gao is chasing down the crime just for her – even if the attraction between them can never be anything more than a moment’s longing.Linked stories:

  • Introductory Novella: Capturing the Silken Thief first introduces the setting of the pleasure quarter.
  • The Lotus Palace
  • The Jade Temptress
  • The Liar’s Dice (prequel novella)
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“Lin returns to Tang Dynasty China (setting of The Lotus Palace) for a tale strong in emotional subtlety.” – Publishers Weekly

“Once again Lin showcases her talents for crafting a taut and original mystery set in the exotic world of the Pingkang Li.” – Romantic Times Book Reviews

“The Tang Dynasty and the shadowy world of the pleasure district of Changan come to life in a story that is sure to enchant.” – Library Journal

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