Workshop section updated

I’ve updated my workshop section with handouts from the recent workshops I did. I was actually quite pleased with being able to do the one hour Selling the Hard Sell on Saturday (I only got 50 minutes) and then expanding the Keeping Them Hooked workshop on Sunday to a three hour class. We got to cover a lot more than just me barreling through the list of things to think about–plus maybe I just like to talk. 🙂

Workshop Handouts

I do like speaking and don’t charge any fee other than travel expenses, so if you happen to have an open chapter meeting you’d like to fill, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. I’m what you call a cheap date. *wink*


How to Promote Like a Big Name Author

When You’re Not One…Yet

So after having one person in the audience for my fight scene workshop (thank you Christine!!), I didn’t expect the promotion workshop the next morning to be packed. So I fully apologize for running out of handouts. Stephanie Dray and I have promised to post the handout online so here it is.

Handout for RT Workshop on Promotion by Stephanie Dray and Jeannie Lin.

Enjoy and let me know what you think