The Lotus Palace: The Scene of the Crime #1

Join the crime scene investigation to learn more about the setting of THE LOTUS PALACE, an upcoming historical romance and mystery set in the Tang Dynasty, as well as interesting trivia about China. Can you identify five special objects found at the scene? Enter each week for a chance to win cool Lotus Palace swag. Then come by next Monday for a posting of the winners, the answers for the previous week AND a brand new crime scene.

There will be three crime scenes total leading up to highly anticipated release of THE LOTUS PALACE on August 27, 2013. (I mean, I’ve been highly anticipating it, so that’s totally a true statement, right?) All prizes will be mailed at the end of August once the crime scene investigation is complete. Multiple wins allowed. Giveaway open to international participants.

WEEK #1 SWAG: Mini-albums featuring THE LOTUS PALACE

For your romance trading cards, business cards, baby pictures, cute photos of cats, whatever you’d like.


Enter the five objects in the form below the picture. Each correct object named will give you an entry in this week’s giveaway. Five winners will be drawn on 8/19/2013.

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