I'm off to NECRWA

I’ve barely had time for the Golden Heart announcement to sink in and now I’m packed and getting ready to fly to New England in a couple of hours for the New England Chapter RWA conference. I’m hoping being a finalist will help in the pitching department, but I’ll still be a nervous wreck.

I’m looking forward to meeting up with friends, attending some great workshops and if I can manage it…a trip to Boston for either a Mike’s Cannoli or Finale.  Oh, the delicious calories!

Preparing for the NECRWA conference

In two weeks I’ll be attending my first non-national RWA conference. I’ve been to Nationals for three years in a row now, but I decided to get in a smaller conference this year as well. I’m really looking forward to the workshops and networking opportunities. They have a really impressive line-up and I’m such a good little student when it comes to attending workshops.

I don’t think I’ll be pitching this conference. In fact, I’m steering clear of the elevators. 🙂

Here’s my current conference checklist:

1. Business cards – check

2. R.F. Long’s promotional materials to pass out – check

3. Hotel room – check

4. Pick out conference outfits

*5. Research attending agents/editors

*6. 10 minute agent pitch ready

*7. elevator pitch ready

Okay, I said I probably wouldn’t be pitching, but I should be prepared nonetheless, right? Carpe diem.