Editor/Agent feedback

I know that most submissions are rejected and that form rejections are the standard. There’s just not enough time to respond to each submission, plus the threat of the “angry author” is even more real in this day and age of instant e-mail replies.

Form rejections are the reason why I started hitting contests so hard. I just needed to know if I was making any progress at all with my writing. So far one of the best experiences I’ve had is the Chase the Dream contest run by Rachellle Chase and Leigh Michaels. I was chosen as the Week 4 finalist and so far one agent and three editors have read my opening. They each pointed out weaknesses in my writing as well as strengths. (giddy! I have strengths) Sure, I with I could blow them all away and get requests for my manuscript on the spot, but nonetheless, this feedback is gold to me. This is what I’ve been searching for throughout my entire query war. I’m starting to get an occasional form rejection now which is a huge step, isn’t it?

There are more critiques to come and I wait on pins and needles for each one.

Tomorrow is the last day to vote for the winners!

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Voting opens in Chase the Dream contest!

All eight finalists have been posted and voting opens from March 5 to March 11. There’s quite a range there — historicals from different time periods, paranormals, contemporaries. Butterfly Swords is in good company and I feel like I’ve already won since the lovely panel of judges will read over all the final entries.

I feel silly trolling for votes, so if you’d like to check out some interesting openings, click on over and vote your conscience. 🙂

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