My thoughts keep on going back to Shinjuku


I’m trying to brainstorm a new story and my thoughts keep on going back to Tokyo and the amazing two days I spent there years ago.

There’s a short I want to write that isn’t romance. It’s more of a reflective piece; a slice of life. I think I’m going to do that as a palette cleanser.

I picked up an idea a while ago from Candace Havens who suggested making a collage of pictures and phrases that inspire your story. I stuck with just images. I had taken pictures while I was there with a yellow disposable wind & snap camera, but the pictures are gone. I can never hold on to pieces of paper. So I stole these memories off the internet except for the picture of the prayer tablets.

Starting all over again

So I wrote “The End” on the wip last week and, as always, I go into a bit of a doldrum after finishing. What do I work on next?

It seems that other authors I know are always brimming with ideas. My mind is not so effusive – especially not when I want it to be. I don’t hear the voices of my characters, I don’t have plot bunnies dancing around as I fall asleep.

I do know I want to move away from my usual setting for a bit, but where to go? I’m starting to outline and daydream to see if this nebulous idea I have will spin into something more solid and I am so envious of authors with great plot ideas just lined up and banging on the door to get out.