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Butterfly Swords and Mei Lin Blog Tour

I will be embarking on a whirlwind blog tour through the interwebs September through October to let the world know about the back to back releases of The Taming of Mei Lin and Butterfly Swords.

Stop by these locations on any of the dates to read all about it. There are some additional giveaways with certain blogs. I’ll be filling in the titles and links as the tour progresses.

P.S. For those doing the BINGO game, you won’t need to go to all of them. The answers will be sprinkled throughout and I do repeat myself occasionally. *blushes*

September Dates:

9/1/2010 – Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood: Writing Short and Not So Sweet & Giveaway

9/2/2010 – Unusual Historicals: Excerpt Thursday – The Taming of Mei Lin

9/4/2010 – The Pink Heart Society: The Call and The Taming of Mei Lin Giveaway

9/5/2010 – Unusual Historicals: Author Q & A and The Taming of Mei Lin giveaway

9/7/2010 – Minding Spot: Interview

9/8/2010 – A Journey of Books: Interview

9/9/2010 – Book Junkie: Interview

9/10/2010 – Thoughts in Progress: The Role of Family

9/13/2010 – Novel Thoughts and Book Talk: Where’s My Happy Endings?

9/14/2010 – Vaux Hall Vixens: Kung Fu Heroines

9/14/2010 – Romance Divas: Writers’ High

9/15/2010 – RomCon: Love at First Sight – Asian Edition

9/15/2010 – LASR: Interview and Giveaway

9/16/2010 – Romance Junkies: Multicultural Romance

9/17/2010 – Long Live the Lit: Core stories and characters

9/18/2010 – My Reading Room: Interview

9/21/2010 – The Ron Empress: Deep culture vs. Surface culture

9/22/2010 – Dirty Sexy Books: Interview

9/23/2010 – Of Inke and Quille: How I Came Up with the Idea – The Taming of Mei Lin

9/24/2010 – Of Inke and Quille: How I Came Up with the Idea – Butterfly Swords

9/27/2010Word Wenches: Interview and Giveaway – print copy of Butterfly Swords

9/28/2010 – Romance Divas: Butterfly Swords interview

9/29/2010 – A Journey of Books: Mysterious China – Location scouting

October Dates

10/1/2010 – Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood: Ruby Release Spotlight: Butterfly Swords by Jeannie Lin

10/3/2010 – Long Live the Lit: Interview

10/4/2010 – Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood: Bad Girls of the Ancient World featuring Stephanie Draven

10/5/2010 – Thoughts in Progress: Guy-Friendly Romance

10/5/2010 – Vauxhall Vixens: Casting for the Movie Butterfly Swords

10/6/2010 – RomCon: For History Geeks, With Love

10/7/2010 – Book Junkie: Medieval Heroes

10/7/2010 – The Season for Romance: Jeannie Lin Debuts with Butterfly Swords(interview)

10/7/2010 – Unusual Historicals: Excerpt Thursday Butterfly Swords

10/8/2010 – My Reading Room: West Meets East

10/10/2010- Unusual Historicals: Guest Author-Jeannie Lin (interview)

10/11/2010- The Burton Review: Tang Dynasty Muses

10/12/2010- Minding Spot: Mashups and Crossovers

10/14/2010- Romance Junkies:

10/15/2010- The Maiden’s Court:

10/19/2010- Inez Kelley

10/20/2010- Dirty Sexy Books: Sex in the Tang Dynasty

10/23/2010- The Pink Heart Society: The New Kid on the Playground

10/26/2010- The Ron Empress: Interview

10/26/2010- The Long and Short Reviews: Interview

10/27/2010- Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills: My 80s Addiction

10/30/2010- Borders True Romance


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